SmartHome Intelligent Lighting Control System

led downlight control system

Dimmable · Color changeable · Timing · Memory


What’s SmartHome?

SmartHome is a high performance intelligent lighting control system, it is base on 2.4G and WIFI wireless control to realize LED light dimmable and color changeable function product. At present, it can be used on SMD59 LED Downlight and SMD22 LED Downlight.

It is contain three products: The Remote Controller, Wireless Wall Touch Switch and WIFI Box + Mobile App. The remote-controller can control the led lights directly, and also can send control signals by mobile phone APP to the WIFI Box to control the led lights, the free grouping function, flexible and convenient operation, gives you a new feeling never experienced before.

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The Remote Controller

remote lighting controller



Wireless Wall Touch Switch





WIFI Box & Mobile APP