TUV LED Panel Light

TUV Emergency Sensor led flat panel light
TUV LED Flat Panel

CE, RoHS, SAA, TUV approved

IP40 LED Flat Panel

Widely used

Dimmable LED Flat Panel

Triac, 0-10V and DALI dimmable

High Quality LED Flat Panel

High Lumen SMD LED chips with excellent color rendering index

TUV LED Flat Panel Light Family Products Specification
Model Watts Beam Angle Lumens
PANL3030 PANL3030-18W 18W 120° 1100-1300lm
PANL3030-36W 36W 120° 2300-2600lm
PANL3060 PANL3060-36W 36W 120° 2300-2600lm
PANL6060 PANL6060-36W 36W 120° 2330-2650lm
PANL6060-45W 45W 120° 2900-3270lm
PANL6060-56W 56W 120° 3450-4200lm
PANL6262 PANL6262-36W 36W 120° 2300-2650lm
PANL6262-45W 45W 120° 2900-3270lm
PANL30120 PANL30120-45W 45W 120° 2900-3240lm
PANL30120-56W 56W 120° 3450-4100lm
PANL30120-72W 72W 120° 4500-4900lm
PANL60120 PANL60120-45W 45W 120° 2900-3270lm
PANL60120-72W 72W 120° 4890-4900lm