COB22 LED Downlight

COB22 LED Recessed Downlights
CE, RoHS, SAA LED Recessed Downlight

CE, RoHS, SAA approved

IP44 Recessed Downlights

Widely used, suitable for damp location

Dimmable LED Recessed Downlights

Triac, 0-10V, DALI dimmable

High CRI

Branded COB LED chips with excellent color rendering index

cob led recessed downlights

Branded COB Chips & Diamond Reflector

Original Branded LED chips, high luminous flux density, less glare. Low heat resistance and stable light output;
Diamond quality aluminium reflector, lattice pattern. Reflectivity up to 93%, make the light soft, uniform, no black spots. Maximize the efficiency of COB light source.
LED Recessed Downlights heat sink

AL6063 Aluminum Heat Sink

Thermal conductivity up to 200 W/(mxk), excellent thermal dissipation.
Low decay and long-term maintained performance.
COB22 COB LED Downlight Family Products Specification
Model Cut-out Watts Beam Angle Lumens
76mm COB22-3-10W Ø90-100mm 10W 60° 650-780lm
COB22-3-13W Ø90-100mm 13W 60° 790-930lm
102mm COB22-4-18W Ø120-130mm 18W 24°/45°/60° 1250-1390 lm
COB22-4-25W Ø120-130mm 25W 24°/45°/60° 1750-1870lm
152mm COB22-6-18W Ø160-170mm 18W 36°/60° 1260-1390lm
COB22-6-25W Ø160-170mm 25W 36°/60° 1750-1870lm
COB22-6-35W Ø160-170mm 35W 36°/60° 2450-2730lm
203mm COB22-8-18W Ø200-210mm 18W 24°/36°/60° 1260-1400lm
COB22-8-25W Ø200-210mm 25W 24°/36°/60° 1700-1880lm
COB22-8-35W Ø200-210mm 35W 24°/36°/60° 2460-2750lm