CEL08 LED Ceiling Light

CEL08 LED Oyster Ceiling Light
CE, RoHS, SAA, TUV approved LED Oyster Ceiling Light

CE, RoHS, SAA, TUV approved

IP54 LED Oyster Ceiling Light

Widely used, suitable for damp location

Dimmable LED Oyster Ceiling Light

Triac dimmable

High Quality LED Oyster Ceiling Light

SMD LED chips with excellent color rendering index

Ultrathin LED Oyster Ceiling Light

Super Slim

Only 40mm thickness, save much more shipping cost compared with traditional design.
Outstanding V0 fire rated PC material with excellent heat dissipation.
Waterproof LED Oyster Light

IP54 Waterproof

Front and back with professional glue processing, to prevent water and dust, make sure long life time.
Combine with rubber rings design to keep moisture out. Ideal choice for damp location.
Color Changeable LED Oyster Ceiling Light

Three Colors in One Lamp

Color changeable: 3000K warm white, 4000K nature white, 5700K cold white.
Fully dimmable with triac dimmer.
CEL08 LED Ceiling Light Family Products Specification
Model Size Watts Beam Angle Lumens
CEL08 CEL08-8-12W Ø200X48mm 12W 120° 1000-1120lm
CEL08-10-12W Ø250X48mm 12W 120° 996-1068lm
CEL08A-12-18W Ø300X48mm 18W 120° 1530-1650lm
CEL08A-12-25W Ø300X40mm 25W 120° 2000-2180lm
CEL08-12-18W Ø300X40mm 18W 120° 1530-1620lm
CEL08-12-25W Ø300X40mm 25W 120° 2000-2180lm
CEL08-12-30W Ø300X40mm 30W 120° 2310-2490lm
CEL08-14-25W Ø350X40mm 25W 120° 2075-2200lm
CEL08-16-30W Ø400X52mm 30W 120° 2400-2500lm
CEL08 (Emergency & Sensor) CEL08-8-12W-S Ø200X48mm 12W 120° 1020-1120lm
CEL08-10-12W-S Ø250X48mm 12W 120° 996-1020lm
CEL08-10-12W-E Ø250X48mm 12W 120° 332-1020lm
CEL08-10-12W-M Ø250X48mm 12W 120° 996-1020lm
CEL08-12-18W-S Ø300X48mm 18W 120° 1530-1650lm
CEL08-12-18W-E Ø300X48mm 18W 120° 340-1650lm
CEL08-12-18W-M Ø300X48mm 18W 120° 340-1650lm
CEL08-12-25W-S Ø300X48mm 25W 120° 2000-2158lm
CEL08-12-25W-E Ø300X48mm 25W 120° 320-2158lm
CEL08-12-25W-M Ø300X48mm 25W 120° 320-2158lm
CEL08-P (Three Colors in one LED) CEL08-12-18W-P Ø300X40mm 18W 120° 1530-1620lm
CEL08-12-18W-P3 Ø300X40mm 18W 120° 1530-1620lm
CEL08-12-25W-P3 Ø300X40mm 25W 120° 2000-2150lm