BAT01 LED Batten

linkable led batten
CE, RoHS approved linkable led batten

CE, RoHS approved

High CRI IP65 Downlights

SMD LED chips with excellent color rendering index

linkable led batten

Link-able LED Batten

Zero distance & seamless connection installation.
Easy connection between each unit, maximally reduce electrician cost.
BAT01 Linkable LED Batten

Easy Replacement

Easy replacement of traditional grille and tube, batten makes itself outstanding with fast installation.
BAT01 Linkable LED Batten Family Products Specification
Model Length Watts Beam Angle Lumens
BAT01 BAT01-21W 600mm 21W 110° 1790-1870lm
BAT01-32W 900mm 32W 110° 2720-2910lm
BAT01-42W 1210mm 42W 110° 3530-3650lm